Last Revision
     4 October 2016

Harlaxton 2016

We have just completed the 2016 Summer Schools which by all accounts were enjoyed by all.  Changes in Harlaxton have continued the programme of improvements.  For example the Refectory has had an excellent make over and by next year the Schroeder Lounge will be greatly improved. 

Harlaxton 2017

We have worked hard to provide you with a combination of the usual subjects and a sprinkling of new themes.  An exciting new subject is Rutland Water, which will be taught by a number of different specialists.  Shakespeare and Tolethorpe promises to be an exciting study of the Bard, culminating in a visit to the famous Shakespeare Theatre at  Tolethorpe.   The good news is that we have managed to keep the prices unchanged. 

Plan for Next Year

Next year’s Harlaxton will be launched on the 22 August by sending the Pamphlet and Application Forms to all those who are in our database.  All the mailshot has to be printed and that is the reason why it cannot go out until the 22nd. 

Meanwhile however, we know that there are many of our members who would like to put their names down as early as possible and for them we have published all the relevant items in this website. 

Therefore, if there is a course, or courses, which you fancy doing, you can be an ‘early bird’ by selecting the course, downloading the application form, or forms, and then sending them with the deposit, or deposits.  

To continue with these schools we depend on your support, ie your attendance.  The earlier you can do it by putting your name down, the better for you, by securing your choice, and for us, by knowing that we are getting the required support. 

Thank you very much.  Look forward to seeing you at the 16th, yes 16th, U3A Summer Schools. 




For Information

We now have a section for general information.  At the moment we have included Joining Instructions to give you foreknowledge of School activities. 

Joining Instructions


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