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     4 October 2016

American Art Museums  Pt II           Hendy Farquhar-Smith

We continue this course looking at the Fogg Museums, The Barnes Foundation, The Detroit Institute of the Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and cross the border into Canada to look at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the work of the Group of Seven.   This last Group were Canadian realists who,  in the 1920s who painted subject matter unique to Canada.   None of their work has crossed the Atlantic so it’s worth coming to Harlaxton for this lecture alone.

Grantham Canal                                                  Rosemary Gibson

Following the success of this course in 2016 Rosemary is back to explore the origins and working life of this canal. You will study the importance of its unique industrial environment heritage. There will be an opportunity to do some water sampling and look at the distinctive art work typical of barge life. There will also be a trip on a narrow boat.

 Art - Water Colour and Other Media               Barbara Clemence

In this course Barbara will give her expert advice on the best ways you can improve your water colour techniques, as well as expanding into other media. As always she will take some of her subject matter from the unique surroundings of Harlaxton Manor. But she will also be providing other subject matter. This is a fun course for people of all levels of ability from beginner to experienced.

Shakespeare and Tolethorpe                                  Dave Lennie

The outdoor theatre at Tolethorpe is a well known tourist attraction in the area. In 2017 the plays will be Much Ado About Nothing, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hobson’s Choice. There will be an opportunity to study all three plays in depth and there will be a visit to an evening performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Dave has recently retired as Head of English at Stamford School

The Sounds of Music                                         David Lovell Brown

We will explore the way in which instruments and buildings shape and colour the sounds which we call music.  Using a wide range of musical forms, from a variety of historical periods, we will listen to works in which composers and instrument makers exploited the possibilities of their craft and places in which their music was to be performed.  From surround sound in St Marks, Venice to the Total Work of Art in the Festival Theatre in Bayreuth. 

Medieval Gardens                                             Andrew Sankey          

The medieval period is fascinating in terms of gardens and plants.  Royals and the rich barons constructed walled gardens attached to their castles which were for pleasure and symbolic plants. The course aims to look at all  types of garden, the vegetables grown, the herbs and wild flowers used and the animals reared.  The course will include a trip to Europe`s best re-created medieval garden at Prebendal Manor.










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