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     4 October 2016

The House of Windsor                            Jean Townsend 

Since Queen Victoria fed Republican Sentiment by becoming a virtual recluse to the advent of Diana Princess of Wales, the House of Windsor has had its share of family members who have found it difficult to conform to the unrealistic demand for perfection.  In this course we will see how some Royal rebels’ actions could have and indeed, sometimes did shake the monarchy to its core. Surprisingly, even our present Queen rebelled against convention and risked her reputation in search for a little happiness. 

Rutland Water                                      Various Tutors

This course will have a series of talks on the History and Wildlife of Rutland Water, the  Ospreys of Rutland Water, Bird Ringing and Wild Life on Your Doorstep – How You Can Help?  It will also have a whole day at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve with  an introduction to the Manton Bay Osprey family.   There will be time for you to explore the various hides and watch the birds in their nests.

Papercraft                                                                Untutored

This is exactly what it says on the tin! A “Do It Yourself” course for those aficionados of this skill. Bring your own materials and your skills and ideas.  We tried it in 2016 and it was very successful and popular - thus we are offering it again next year. 

Plate Tectonics in All its Glory            Stuart Osborne  

We’ll look at early theories about the form of the continents and oceans before coming into the 20thwith Continental Drift ideas, then a 50 year gap before the gradual emergence of the Theory of Plate Tectonics. It may only be a theory but we can’t see any other way in which it would work. So we’ll run with it. Plates can’t move without nudging adjacent plates. We’ll cover Plate boundaries in some detail including what we learn about the inner workings of the Earth from the Earthquakes produced at these boundaries.

Lincolnshire Aviation in War  Horace Farquhar-Smith

During the Wars there was a veritable revolution in the development of Aviation Technology.  We will study this is detail, demonstrating reasons of how it happened.  The course will include a visit to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and to a typical war airfield.  If you are interested in Aviation - do not miss it!

Singing for Fun               Paul White and the Team

Paul and his team are back again to cover a wide range of traditional and popular music. No need to be able to read music, but if you enjoy singing you will have fun.  Many people come back year after year for this course, but if you are coming for the first time you will be made very welcome. Enthusiasm is as important as experience – beginners welcome!


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